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Ph.D. Thesis and Alumni

Name Year Title Current Position Advisor
Selime D. (Özden) Sezgin 1982 Application of Marketing Concepts and Practices to the Operations of Private Hospitals in Istanbul Bahçeşehir University Management Prof. Ahmet Koç
Ahmed Aly Hassan 1984 Customer Satisfaction and Related Behavior of Bank Customer: A Field Study Among the Teaching Staff of Bogazici University Ahmet Koç
Nur İrem Nuhoğlu Öztunç 1985 Variable Costing as a Managerial Tool Boğaziçi University Management Prof. Özer Ertuna
Mustafa Akan 1988 Özer Ertuna
Füsun (Sevenler) Erginbilgiç 1988 The Effects of Dividend Policy on Stock Prices Özer Ertuna
Cem Kozlu 1988 A Study of the Sogo Shosha, Japanese Foreign Trade Companies as a Model for Turkey IATF President Ahmet Koç
Gülnur Muradoğlu Şengül 1989 Factors Influencing Stock Demand in Turkey City University Business School Prof. Nuri Uman
F. Zeynep Bilgin 1990 An Export Marketing Analysis of Turkish Women's Ready to Wear Products in Federal Republic of Germany Marmara University Management Prof. Muzaffer Bodur
Yeşim Toduk Akiş 1992 International Marketing Responsiveness: An Exploratory Study on the Involvement of Turkish Firms Amrop International Executive Partner Ahmet Koç
Nimet Uray 1992 Adoption of Technological Innovations by Bank Customers ITU Faculty of Management Prof. Eser Borak