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Our Mission 

We in the Department of Management believe that management education has an important impact on the way businesses are led and managed in this competitive and ever changing world. As Turkey looks forward to the challenges of the 21st century, our graduates are prepared to take leading managerial positions in both the national and international market place.

Based on our institution's values and accumulated experience since 1863, the mission of our department is to excel in creating, sharing, and dissemination of knowledge through research, graduate studies, and education, and contribute to society as well.

We aim to:

  • Maintain our worldwide recognition in the undergraduate education.
  • Ensure that our graduates have well-developed analytical, strategic abilities, that they will be socially responsible, ethical change agents in all types of institutions they will work throughout the world.
  • They will respect and welcome diversity.
  • Contribute to developing sustainable successful organizations.


Our curriculum is designed to develop professional executives with effective communication and interpersonal skills who are socially responsible and constantly in search of improvement. The programs offered at both undergraduate and graduate levels are revised and updated periodically to add value to the professional careers of our candidates. A close coordination is maintained with industry and the alumni in developing courses which integrates technology, innovation, and competitiveness with human res ource management, strategic management and decision making.

Faculty at the Department of Management are internationally recognized in research and are authorities in their field of specialization nationally. Commitment of our faculty to teaching and research equally ensures that the latest developments in theory and leading edge practices in industry are immediately transferred to our students. With a faculty dedicated to maintain high standards in business education and a student body who is the most able in intellectual aptitude the Department of Management is ready to maintain its leading position in business education in Turkey.