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Course Selection

Rules for Course Selection

A.  Overload

No overload approval will be granted in the first semester.

Students who have a GPA > 3.00 at the end of the first term are allowed to take 1 additional course in the second term. Students who have a GPA > 3.25 and a total of 27 credits at the end of the second term can take 3 additional courses in the third term (18 credits in total). Consequently, they can graduate by taking two non-credit courses in the final term.

Overload is not allowed if the GPA < 3.00. However, the student advisor may grant permission for overload with the approval of the department for senior students with a GPA < 3.00.

B.  Underload

No approval is granted for underloads or withdrawals during the first four terms.

C.  Repeat

Students who hold a GPA lower than 3.00 and would like to raise their GPA up to 3.00 are allowed to repeat maximum two courses with letter grades of CC and/or CB.

D.  Electives

Each student may take maximum two undergraduate courses as electives (Rules and Regulations, Article 12).

Graduate students are not allowed to take courses that belong in the doctorate program.

E.  Leave of Absence

Students may be granted leave of absence for a maximum of two semesters according to the Rules and Regulations (Article 22). The Management Department's decision is to grant leave of absence in the first semester, this period counting towards the students' allowed period of education.

F.  Admission Notifications

Applications of all graduate students must be ready for approval by their advisors two days prior to the final date of registration as it is not possible to advise a student properly who has not made an application by the end of the registration period. Excuses of students who do not comply with this condition or whose programs have been rejected by their advisors will be evaluated by Department Chair. Only those students, whose excuses have been accepted, will be able to register.

The approval of the student's advisor (APPROVE) must be checked at registration to confirm that the advisor has accepted the application. Moreover, a student whose program has been rejected (REJECT) is subject to late registration.

There is a quota on the number of students faculty members can work with in Term Projects I and II (AD 593 and AD 594) courses. Therefore, each student needs to select an instructor to work together on the topic of study. The student should also register to this instructor's class using the code indicated in the program (by specifying the section number) and should forward it to his/her advisor for approval.

Students must submit the topic of their projects and the name of the instructor they will be working with to the Chairmanship of the Department of Management by the end of the add-drop period.

One or two Term Project I/II classes will be available for irregular students each semester. For example, one or two Term Project II courses coded AD594 will be available for registration for students graduating in the fall semester. The student will be able to complete his/her project with the instructor he/she was previously working with.

G. Exchange Students

Exchange students should have their advisors approve the courses they will be taking in their prospective schools before they leave, so that they can take the courses that are obligatory in the Management Program and the credits received from these courses can be acceptable. Otherwise, the courses taken will be deemed as selective courses.