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M.A. in Management

The M.A. in Management program offered by the Department of Management aims to provide a rigorous, research-oriented education in specialized areas of Management for students with a Bachelor's degree in Management (applicants without a BA in Management may also apply, but will need to go through a preparatory period). Students will find a flexible program that provides both a theory-focused groundwork as well as specialization in their chosen field via electives and close interaction with highly qualified faculty members. This culminates in writing their thesis under the supervision and guidance of a faculty member.

This program is especially suited for:

- Graduates of a Bachelor's degree program in Management who want to further specialize in a topic of their choice in preparation for a career in industry: In many industries, employers are looking for highly specialized and educated employees. The M.A. program allows students to become highly educated experts in a topic of their choice. They have the flexibility to choose electives and especially a faculty member working on this topic to guide them in their specialization and work in that field.

- Graduates of a Bachelor's degree program in Management who aim at continuing towards a Ph.D. program in Management: The M.A. program prepares for a Ph.D. program by teaching and offering training in basic research capabilities, as well as introducing students to the theories and research directions underlying the different fields of Management. It allows students to choose their area of specialization and work in that area in close collaboration with a faculty member. Graduates of the M.A. program will be the most suitable candidates for admission into the Ph.D. program offered by the Department of Management. If the courses during the first year are finished with a GPA of at least 3.75, students can directly apply for entering our Ph.D. program. After completion of their Ph.D. program, they will also be awarded the M.A. degree.

The M.A. in Management program requires 35 credits of coursework over two terms, plus writing a thesis. The first term, which is a "core program" required for all students, has six core courses that cover basic theories of all relevant fields of management as well as research skills. The second term consists of directed readings and electives by which students are given an opportunity to specialize. In addition, they take a seminar offered by both respected scholars and industry leaders from Turkey as well as abroad.

Currently, we especially invite candidates who want to specialize in the following areas to apply:

- Management of Information Systems in Organizations
- Social Media
- Management of Innovation and Innovation Communities
- Software Business, Digital Goods and Network Economy
- Online Business Models
- Service Operations Management: IT, Banking, Insurance, Consulting, Importing, Merchandising,...
- Sales & Operations Planning
- Demand Forecasting and Targeting
- Modelling Financial Assets and Time Series
- Marketing Strategy
- Service Marketing
- Service Consumption
- Customer Satisfaction
- Capital Markets and Pricing of Risk; CAPM and Alternative Models of Risk
- Capital Structure Decisions ; Tradeoff Theory , Financial Distress Costs ; Agency Costs and Asymmetric Information Theory
- Valuation: Valuation of Risky Investments; Estimating the Cost of Capital; Valuation and Financial Modeling
- Debt Financing
- Efficient Markets and Equity Financing: IPOs and SEOs
- Issues in M&A Decisions
- Corporate Governance and Agency costs
- Organization Studies, including Organizational Behavior and Organization Theory

- Data Analytics

- Choice Modeling

- Pricing

- Promotions

- Advertising

- Consumer Behavior

- Brand Management

- Marketing Communications

- Retail Management

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