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About the Program

The Department of Management offers three graduate level programs. At the Master's level, one of the two programs provides the candidate with an MBA degree, second program with an Executive MBA degree. Neither of the programs requires a written thesis by completion. The third graduate program offered by the department is the Ph.D. program.

Ph.D. Program in Management

The aim of the Ph.D. Program in Management is to prepare candidates for teaching and research positions primarily in academic institutions. The program provides a solid theoretical background in the student's chosen area of study as well as competence in conducting scholarly research. The Ph.D. program is offered in four areas: Finance, Marketing, Management and Organization, Operations and Information Management.

The requirements of the program are the successful completion of 9 or 10 courses (depending on the track), written and oral qualifying examinations, and a doctoral dissertation with its oral defense. Course work must be completed in a maximum of two years. All students in the Ph.D. program are required to take two Research Methods courses at the doctoral level. The students also take three required courses and one directed readings course in their area of specialization as well as three graduate level electives.

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