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About The Program

The Department of Management has three programs at graduate level: two MBAs and a Ph.D. program. At the Master's level, one of the programs leads to the MBA degree without written thesis and the other leads to an Executive MBA program without thesis.

MBA Program in Management

The purpose of the MBA program is to educate qualified students from a variety of undergraduate programs for successful management careers at national and international levels. The program combines experiential learning with theoretical approach in various functional areas of management. The program is designed to allow qualified professionals with varied intellectual and academic backgrounds to acquire the mix of advanced skills necessary for dealing with the broadest problems at different levels of managerial responsibility.

The MBA program, which aims at achieving a well-balanced education, emphasizes interpersonal communications as well as theory, diagnosis, decision-making and implementation. The program is designed to add value to the professional careers of candidates with various disciplines and work experience backgrounds. Strong and experienced faculty, distinguished for both intellectual rigor and analytical skills, are dedicated to excellent teaching and a readiness to help students. Such an approach gives our MBA students new dimensions to observe, understand, and integrate "the whole system" rather than portions of it.

The MBA program requires 43 credit hours consisting of interdisciplinary courses which can be completed in three terms. The first year is an intensive, full time program of courses, while the third term can be a part-time term in which students start to work in their chosen profession. The first term, which is a "core program" required for all students, purports to provide a close, person-oriented environment in which students develop their skills by being an integral part of it. Seven core courses ensure that participants obtain a common level of knowledge in the fundamentals of business, irrespective of their backgrounds. The program is based on problem-solving in groups, active participation in class and individual research. The second term consists of two required courses and four electives by which students are given an opportunity to make a selection in their areas of interest including finance, marketing, or general management. In addition, they take a seminar offered by both respected scholars and industry leaders from Turkey as well as abroad. The third term includes a capstone management simulation, in which students work in teams and have to report to a board composed of industry leaders.

MBA candidates are expected to write a term project in the last semester in close collaboration with an organization, which they start preparing in the second term. The topics could be in the following areas: Marketing, Finance and Accounting, Management and Organization, and Informations Systems / Operations Management.

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