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Special Students

"Special Student" Status

Special students are those who are allowed to audit certain courses under certain conditions determined by the institutes .

Special students are not given any degree or diploma. But they can obtain official transcripts including the courses taken and grades received from the Registrar's Office.

Credits taken and grades received in special student status can not be used when transferring to Boðaziçi University Masters programs.

Applications to Registrar's Office should be made on the dates specified in academic schedule. In order for an application to be evaluated:

1.      The institute and department applied should have the necessary means to accept special students

2.      Min. GPA of 3.38 / 4.00

3.      Applicant should provide proof of English proficiency

4.      Applicant should not have been expelled from a university due to failure or disciplinary punishment

Special student applications will be examined and decided by the Executive Board of the Institute with the approval of the relevant department.