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PhD. Theses


Serhat Çevikel

Coexistence of disposition and reverse disposition effects across multiple reference points on Borsa İstanbul

Selcen Anlaş

Consumer Involvement With Corporate Reputation

Ahter Sönmez

Impact of Organizational Storytelling on Strategic Change Leadership

Seda Peksevim

Essays on Pension Funds in Emerging Market Countries

Ali Nezih Akyol

Smart Beta Approach of Index Base Investing and the Factor Investing Phenomenon: The Turkish Case

Gözde Baycur

Paidpartnership: How do influencers shape customer decision journey?

Mehmet Çeliktaş

Corporate Governance and financial distress: Global evidence, macroeconomic governance factors, and distress duration

Işıl Candemir

Decomposition of Risk Premia in Equity Market Through Time

Merve Gizem Cevheroğlu Açar

Ambiguity, High-Frequency Data, and Asset Prices

Alptegin Albayraktaroğlu

Strategic Agility-Enabled Business Model Innovation: A Multi-Method Study

Cuma Sani Tiryaki

Evolution of Efficiency in Electricity Markets

Esra Ünlüaslan Durgun

The impact of leadership style on follower innovation: Mediating effect of idiosyncratic deals

Hüseyin Tolga Durdu

Factors Leading to Organizational Adoption of Data Science and Advanced Analytics Technologies

Ümit Altay Baran

Autoregressive Conditional Duration and Liquidity

Rıza Ergün Arsal

The Acceptance and Continued Usage of Open Source Data Science and Advanced Analytics Technologies

Ayşe Mine Yurdagel

Facing Artificial Intelligence from simple product recommendations to complete lifestyle design

Hulusi Bahçivan

Intraday Correlation Dynamics in Borsa Istanbul Using Score-Driven Kalman Filtering

Alp Eren Akyüz

Long Term Volatility of Stock Returns in Turkey: Unconditional and Predictive Variance Analyses

Ayşe Çağlayan Gümüş

Essays on Market Microstructure: Market Transparency, Liquidity and Price Discovery

Zafer Kamil Berkman

The Role of Fairness and Relationship Quality in Developing Relational Behavior for Competitive Advantage

Orçun Moralı

Spatial Heterogeneity in Istanbul Housing Market: A Geographically Weighted Approach

Güldehen Adıgüzel

Trade Receivable Policy, Corporate Value and Cash Holdings: Evidence from the United States

Selen Balkaya Soyer

Adoption and Use of Learning Management Systems in Education: The Role of Playfulness and Self-Management

Ebru Kuzgun

Examining the Value of After-Sales Services Through the Lens of Service Dominant Logic: A Conservation of Resources Theory Interpretation

Aykut Ahlatçıoğlu

Determinants of Post-Announcement Drift and Market Reaction to Earnings Announcements

Yusuf Öç

The Effects of Context-Awareness on the Adoption of Sports Technologies

Elif Tuğba Aydınlıyurt

Information Systems Continuance Intention in Gamified Mobile Applications: Exploring Behavioral Inhibition and Activation Systems

Bahadır Karakoç

Financial Liquidity, Financing Constraint and Financing Patterns

Tutku Seçkin Çelik

Sustainability in the Turkish Business Context

Murat Açar

A Perceived Service Quality Model in the Sharing Economy: The Case of Airbnb

Çiğdem Vural Yavaş

Corporate Control Mechanisms and Investment Efficiency in Developed European Countries

Seda Erdoğan

The Effects of Financial Flexibility on Corporate Financial Policies and Performance: Cross - Country Evidence

Gamze Danışman

Bank Competition, Regulations and Stability in Developed Countries

Altın Kavadarlı

Spontaneous vs. Induced Clusters: Networks and Competitive Advantage

Ramazan Yavuz

In Pursuit of Stronger Bonds: The Impact of Experience and Attachment on Customer Engagement

Semra Çalışkan

Antecedents of Consumer Intention to Use Personal Health Technologies: Revisiting the Technology Acceptance Model

Bahar Köseoğlu

Financial Vulnerability and the Effects of Financial Openness on Banking Systems in Emerging Economies

Nevra Bedriye Baker Arapoğlu

Opportunistic Bahavior in Organizations. The Effect of Career Management Practices on Employee Development and Organizational Commitment.

Alev Özer

The Organizational Learning Culture, Climate for Innovation and Organizational Resilience

Sevgin Batuk Turan

The Dispositional and Contextual Determinants and Outcomes of Self-Leadership

Ahmet Aydemir

Susceptibility to Emotional Contagion in Health Organizations: Impact on Organizational Commitment and Intention to Stay

Bilge Baykal

Aslı Kuşçu

Understanding Mobile Advertising Acceptance: An Integrative Approach

Irmak Erdoğan

The Transgenerational Sustainability of Family Firms

Yasin Galip Gencer

Determinants of Quality and Productivity in Automobile Services: MADM Approaches and Empirical Analysis

Ezgi Merdin

Bülent Tekçe

Gözem Güçeri Uçar

Hale Çaloğlu

Learning Orientation and Market Information Processing: Effects on Marketing and Organizational Outcomes

Nigar Çağla Mutlucan

Competitive Advantage and Clusters: Evidence from Textile, Wearing Apparel, Carpet, Automotive, Tourism and Furniture Clusters in Turkey

Çiğdem Asarkaya


Oğuzhan Aygören

Choice Behavior of Individuals in Political Marketing Context: Understanding and Modeling Voting Behavior

Seçil Bayraktar Kazozcu

Investigating the Factors behind Positive Reactions to Change

Melih Astarlıoğlu

Evaluating the Dynamics of Export Performance: Moderating Effects of Proximate Environment on Firm Strategies and Export Performance

Deniz Kantur

Understanding Firm-Level Entrepreneurship: A Study of Exploring the Construct and Its Relationship with Contextual Factors

Aysa İpek Küçükosmanoğlu

Financial Performance and Productivity: Does Foreign Ownership Matter?

Ceyda Maden

Person-Environment Fit, Social Exchange Relationships and Employee Outcomes in Organizations

Esra Arıkan

Drivers of Brand Extension Success and the Role of Brand Relationship Quality

Özgür Ahmet Tarakçı

Firm and Industry Level Factors that Affect the Growth of SMEs: Evidence from Turkey

Pınar Büyükbalcı

Analyzing Activities of Multinational Enterprises Through Foreign Direct İnvestment Patterns: A Value Chain Based Perspective Analyzing Activities of Multinational Enterprises Through Foreign Direct İnvestment Patterns: A Value Chain Based Perspective

Emine Eser Telci

Mall Shopping Behavior: An Examination of Utilitarian versus Hedonic Shoppers' Mall Shopping Experiences

M. K. Tahir Demircioğlu

Tutku Eker

The Impact of Company Trustworthiness and Sincerity an The Success af Cause-Related Marketing Programs

Kaan Varnalı

Exploring Drivers of Success in Push Type Mobile Marketing

Mehmet Selim Uçer

Determinants and Characteristics of Mergers and Acquisitions, and Target Firm Performance: Evidence from Turkey

Onur Uman

Factors Affecting the Turkish Accounting Practices During the Republican Era

Ülfet Zeynep Ata

The Effect of Customer Relationship Management Adoption on Organizational Performance in Business-to-Business Setting

Ozan Aşık Dizdar

Psychological Contracts and Organizational Correlates: The Impact of Work Orientations

İsmail Hakkı Eraslan

The Effects of Competitive Strategies on Firm Performance: A Study in Turkish Textile and Apparel Industry Considering Mediating Role of Value Chain Activities

Deniz Parlak

Corporate Integration, Competetitiveness and Financial Performance: Suppliers’ Perspective

Havva Pınar İmer

Contextual and Dispositional Antecedents of Organization Citizenship Behaviors: Does Occupation Make a Difference?

Saadet Çetinkaya

Bilateral Governance in Outsourced Services: Interorganizational Dynamics and Consequences

Vedat Mizrahi

Ownership Structure, Corporate Governance, and Firm Performance: Evidence from Turkey

Elif Altuğ

A Study on Turkish Mutual Funds: Value Creation, Performance Persistence and Survivorship Bias of Actively Managed Turkish Equity Mutual Funds and the Supplementary Value of Sell-Side Research to Mutual Fund Management, 2000-2007

Fatih Kiraz

In Search of Chaos: ‘The Case of İstanbul Stock Exchange’

Şebnem Kuzulugil

Does One Size Fit All? Value-Based Subcultures and Leadership Preferences in Turkey

Cenk Laçin Arıkan

Evaluating the Dynamics of Innovation in Turkey: The Impact of Innovation on Business Performance

Ayla Altınkurt

Evaluating the dynamics of strategic alliances in Turkey: The impact of firm and relationship specific factors on alliance performance

Elif Çiçekli

Opportunity at work: Antecedents and consequences

Mısra Çağla Gül

Cultural orientations, environmental dimensions, and firm performance

Refik Cem Taluğ

M&As and performance: A multi-method study on dynamics of success in post integration stage

Dilek Yılmaz Börekçi

Influence of information and communication technologies (ICT) on leader-follower relations, leader behavior and follower's positive work attitudes

Süleyman Gökhan Günay

The impact of managers' and/or directors' perceptions of corporate governance on the financial performances of the industrial firms in Turkey: comparison of the stockholder and the stakeholder governance models

Kadri Özgüneş

IPO performances of VC-backed & non-backed companies: a cross country comparison of Germany & the UK

Ali Tükel

Foreign investors' role in a stock market boom and bust cycle: Turkey's experience in 1999-2001

Gözde Erhan Ünal

Extreme value approach in analyzing stock returns in Istanbul Stock Exchange

Gurur Altun

The causes and predictors of the 2001 Turkish crisis

Çetin Ali Dönmez

Time series analysis of IMKB-30 equity market index returns and the effect of volume and volatility on returns

Uğur Gökhan Özdinç

The antecedents and consequences of relationship quality in financial services

Ömür Suer

The impact of "corporate financing strategies" on "the financial fragility" of Turkish firms listed in ISE in 2001 currency crisis

Ari D. Turman

Value creation through intellectual property and innovation: the case of the Turkish manufacturing industry

Cem Bayülgen

Banking structure and bank firm affiliation: the case of Turkey

İrem Eren-Erdoğmuş

Strategic management of Turkish brands in international markets

Abdülbahri Danış

Integrating small and medium sized firms into e-business for export marketing

İdil Vedia Evcimen (Kurat)

Charismatic leadership and follower outcomes: A study of Turkish top management in five provinces

Mehmet Saraç

Effects of public ownership on corporate performance: Empirical evidence from Turkish manufacturing industry

Serdar Karabatı

The Influence of individual values on managerial practices: Implications for the Turkish Business context

Harun Kaya

Internationalization of Turkish manufacturing firms: Foreign direct investment outflow

Azize Ebru Akkaya

An integrated framework for marketing in an organization: the case of Turkey

Aslıhan Nasır

Development of a framework on ethical issues based on complaint data about electronic commerce

Hakan Aksoy

Modelling stock market via fuzzy rule based systems

Ceylan Onay

Contribution of Turkish stock market to global portfolios

İpek Altınbaşak Ebrem

Modeling the constituents of the image of a country for the determination of priorities related to strategic image management: the case of Turkey

Cenktan Özyıldırım

Destabilizing effects of stabilization programs: The case of Turkish Corporate sector Destabilizing effects of stabilization programs: The case of Turkish Corporate sector

Mehmet Erçek

The diffusion and institutionalization of professional personnel/human resources management discourse in Turkey: a narrative approach

Maria Dolares Alvarez Basterra

Online and offline information sources in choosing leisure travel: A study of Turkish travelers

Melih Bulu

Profiling micro clusters: identification of value-adding production and service chains by using graph theoretical approach

Neva Hatiboğlu Yalman

Moderators of the relationship between market orientation and business performance: Findings from Turkey

Kıvanç V.O. İnelmen

Trust in buyer-supplier relationships: A small and medium sized enterprises perspective

Abdülmecit Karataş

Performance of direct foreign investments in Turkey

Begümhan Özdinçer

An analysis of the value financial information for internet companies

Rüştü Alptekin Sabuncuoğlu

Analysis and prediction of bank failures in Turkey "a multivariate logistic approach"

Selim Sidi

A survey of empirical tests of the APT and an application on Turkish data

Kazım Develioğlu

The impact of organizational structure and culture on performance: A comparative study on domestic and JV affiliates of Turkish holding firms

Hatice Gaye Gençer

Ownership structure and performance: a comparison between firms owned by profit oriented groups and firms owned by mission oriented social security foundations

Hande Bahar Kımıloğlu

The internet as a marketing environment: Consumer perceptions, attitudes and behavior

Alovsat Muslumov

The financial analysis of mergers

Aslı Gürler

Determinants of firm financial performance: A strategic management perspective

Şeref Kalaycı

Intermediation in capital markets: a comparative study: Turkey and U.S.A.

S. Hande Tezölmez

Intraday patterns in Istanbul stock exchange index and effect of public information on return volatility