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Double Major

1.     Double major in Management can be done with departments of Economics, Political Science and International Relations and Psychology. A minimum GPA of 3.25 is required. Students are accepted to the program for the Fall semester and when necessary for the Spring semester on condition that they fulfill the above mentioned requirement. The students GPAs should not be lower than 3.00 in any semester in the course of the program.

2.     Students should apply to both departments with a petition and a transcript that indicate the latest grade status. Transfer applications can be made either on the third or the fourth semester. Applications are finalized only after the proposal of the Departmental Committee and the approval of the Executive Board of the Faculty.

3.     Total education period of the double major students cannot exceed 10 semesters (excluding English preparatory class).

4.     Double Major programs are administered by Double Major advisors of the departments.

5.     Students can take a maximum of four three-credit courses in addition to courses of their main departments. This overload is limited to three three-credit courses in double majors with management.

6.     Students who want to leave the double major program inform their departments with a petition. These students and others that are not allowed to continue double major programs because of their low GPAs or their inability to complete the program in allowed time limits, go on attending their own programs and may earn their diplomas. Non-departmental courses of the students who left double major programs are converted to non-credit courses.

7.     Upon successful completion of the double major program, students receive diplomas of both departments.

8.     The deadline for double major program applications is same as minor application deadline. You can check from academic calendar.

Double Major Advisor: Burcu Rodopman (

* Graduate students can not apply for double major programs

The Double Major curriculums are being updated. Please contact Double Major Program Advisor.  

Program Curriculum
Management - Economics  
Management - Political Science and International Relations  
Management - Psychology  
Management - Western Languages and Literature