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Course Selection

Rules applicible for students attending their first two semesters:

  • Students are obliged to take each offered course, as soon as the courses become available, within their first two semester period. Those students cannot drop, procastinate to take and withdraw from these courses; and cannot take extra credit courses with the exception of non-credit courses.


  • If a student fails a course at the first semester of his/her freshman year, it is obligatory to retake the same course the very next time that the course becomes offered. If the course in question is not offered the next semester, the student is allowed to take the courses that are free of pre-requisites and offered for the next semester.


  • Students who have passed the English proficiency exam (i.e. June English Proficiency Exam) and would like to start their undergraduate education at summer term, can only take foreign language courses during summer school.


  • Especially for new students that are about to start their freshman year, it is recommended to visit "frequently asked questions" page linked below where each topic is explained in details, and read relevant topics:

It is also recommended to read the undergraduate education regulations, a document which is the source of most of the rules written here:

http:// U_Lisans_Egitim_ve_Ogretim_Yonetmeligi

Rules Regarding Elective Course Selection

  • During the complete education period, it is obligatory to take "Departmental Elective" and "Unrestricted Elective" courses at predefined amounts. However, departmental elective courses can be taken in placement of unrestricted elective courses.


  • A student who failed an unrestricted (or departmental) elective course, can repeat his/her F grade by taking another unrestricted (or departmental) elective course. Yet, at the time of enrolling to the new course, it is required to add "repeat with F AD xyz" clause at registration system.


  • Students can only take "AD" courses as "Departmental Elective" courses.


  • Applicable for students who started attending department of management as of and later than Fall term of 2010- 2011, regardless of their English proficiency exam, it is obligatory to take two HSS courses.Starting from the 2023/2024 Fall semester, courses that can be taken as HSS are listed under the title "HSS ders listesi" or "HSS course list" in the links below:

  • Among the courses in this list, LAW 101, which overlaps with the courses in the management department program, and courses that already appear as compulsory courses in the management department program cannot be taken as HSS. Other courses can be taken as HSS courses.


  • Students can only take 1 "AE" course (with exception of AE 100 courses) offered by School of Foreign Languages.


  • During complete education period, a maximum of 2 courses with Pass/Fail grades can be taken. Credits of these courses are accounted for the total credits. Those two courses (with at least one of them with 2 credits) can be replaced for a 3 credit unrestricted elective. Courses that have been graded at other universities and replaced for courses offered at Bogazici University are not bound by the aforementioned Pass/Fail rule.


  • As of 2019 Fall term, AD 320 is replaced with an AD elective. For students that have taken the course in previous semesters, it will be counted as an AD elective.



Other Rules Regarding Course Selection

  • (With exception of Freshman students) At the beginning of a semester, minimum credit limit is 15 and maximum is 25.


  • Students can repeat the courses with DC or DD grades offered within Freshman and Sophomore years of  Department of Management. Students can repeat a maixmum of six of those courses, within three semesters following the date of last enrollment to the course and one per semester at most, with consent from their advisors.


  • Students are granted with a maximum three rights of withdraw for total duration of their education. Non-credit courses are also within the scope of the aforementioned 3 course limitation.


  • Students in "Repeat" position are obliged to repeat their F graded courses in the very next semester they are offered. They are allowed to repeat the courses graded with DC and DD. These students can take a maximum of 2 extra courses in addition to the courses they repeat. They are prohibited from having a course load more than 18 credits.


  • It is obligatory to complete a total of 112 credits for students to take courses with "4th year standing" pre-requisite.


  • Senior students with at least 3.00 GPA (with condition of consent of the instructor) can take two AD 500 courses as departmental elective.


  • Students with foreign nationalities can take HTR and TK courses offered specifically for foreign nationality students instead of HTR 311/312 and TK 221/222.



For Students who Started Their Education Before Fall 2012 or Earlier

  • Approved HSS courses for students with entrance date of 2009-2010 and following years are the courses from the HSS courses list with afforementioned terms and conditions and "Advanced English" at first semester for students who passed the "Proficiency" exam with C.


  • Courses from old curriculum are replaced with the courses presented below, applicible for students who started their education before 2012 Fall term:


         AD 150  Introduction to Information Processing                       ->    AD 102 Introduction to Management

         AD 104  Business Communications                                         ->    AD 204 Business Communications

         AD 202 Research Methods in Business                                   ->   AD 302 Research Methods

         AD 341 Introduction to Marketing                                             ->    AD 242 Strategic Marketing Management