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Research Areas

Research in the Management Department is pursued at an advanced scholarly level. Faculty members are encouraged to conduct research in the areas they wish to specialize in and produce publications. There is a strong tradition of tackling issues that ultimately yield findings that might contribute to the welfare of the society at large and the organizational and administrative network. The research produced by members of the faculty is evidence of the fact that there is a strong trend for collaboration with colleagues from other disciplines both within and outside the university at national and international level.
Currently, the main research areas of the Department are: Accounting and Finance, Marketing, Management and Organizational Behavior, Operations Management and Information Systems, and Law. 
Accounting & Finance 
Affiliated Faculty: Ali Coskun, Metin Ercan, Irem Nuhoglu, Attila Odabasi, Nesrin Okay, Mine Ugurlu, Neslihan Yilmaz, Cenk Karahan
Affiliated Faculty: Gulden Asugman, Huseyin Sami Karaca, Ozlem Hesapci Karaca , Belgin Arısan
Management & Organizations 
Affiliated Faculty: Hayat Kabasakal, Ozlem Oz, Burcu Rodopman
Operations Management & IS 
Affiliated Faculty: Yavuz Acar, Ulas Akkucuk, Aysegul Toker, Mustafa H. Tongarlak, Asunur Cezar
Affiliated Faculty: Mehmet Nafi Artemel