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Ph.D. Thesis and Alumni

Name Year Title Current Position Advisor
Azize Ebru Akkaya 2004 An integrated framework for marketing in an organization: the case of Turkey
Ceylan Onay 2004 Contribution of Turkish stock market to global portfolios
Cem Bayülgen 2005 Banking structure and bank firm affiliation: the case of Turkey
Ömür Suer 2005 The impact of "corporate financing strategies" on "the financial fragility" of Turkish firms listed in ISE in 2001 currency crisis
Abdülbahri Danış 2005 Integrating small and medium sized firms into e-business for export marketing
Ari D. Turman 2005 Value creation through intellectual property and innovation: the case of the Turkish manufacturing industry
İrem Eren-Erdoğmuş 2005 Strategic management of Turkish brands in international markets
İdil Vedia Evcimen (Kurat) 2005 Charismatic leadership and follower outcomes: A study of Turkish top management in five provinces
Gözde Erhan Ünal 2006 Extreme value approach in analyzing stock returns in Istanbul Stock Exchange
Gurur Altun 2006 The causes and predictors of the 2001 Turkish crisis