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Ph.D. Thesis and Alumni

Name Year Title Current Position Advisor
Khaled Fareg Zentuti 1992 The Performance, Efficiency and Strategy Aims of Joint Ventures in the Banking Sector: Libyan Case Arab Banking Corporation Özer Ertuna
Hakan Mat 1992 Privatization of the Water Utilities: The Case in the UK and a Restructuring Model for Istanbul Water and Sewerage Administration (ISKI) Mat Consultancy Özer Ertuna
Kishwer Aziz 1993 A Thesis on Providing Principal Assurance and Guaranteed Return for Leveraged Investments Through Risk Management Techniques Workstream Automation CEO Özer Ertuna
Arzu Tektaş 1993 Quantitative Models for Motor Insurance with Application to the Turkish System Bogazici University INTT Prof. Irini Dimitriyadis
Ayşe Bolcakan 1994 An Assessment of Life Insurance Marketing in Turkey Aviva Insurance Company Assist. Director Eser Borak
Bengi Özer 1995 Price Performance of Initial Public Offerings in Turkey Bogazici University Tourism Management Prof. Vedat Akgiray
Ali İ. Şanver 1995 Accounting for Business Combinations: A Turkish Perspective Sanver & Bozanoglu Law Firm Partner Nuri Uman
Sibel Karakadıoğlu Yamak 1996 Managerial Backgrounds in Large Enterprises in Turkey: The Impact of Strategy, Context and Organizational Attributes Galatasaray University Management Prof. Muzaffer Bodur
Elif Deniz Alakavuk 1996 Service Quality Marketing and Management in Hospitals in Turkey Bogazici University INTT Assist. Prof. Eser Borak
Yarkın Cebeci 1997 Efficiency in an Emerging Market : The Case of the Istanbul Stock Exchange JP Morgan Chief Economist Vedat Akgiray