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Reproducible research: Integrated tools of open source software

Serhat Çevikel

Serhat Çevikel, PhD Candidate, presents his work on "Reproducible research: Integrated tools of open source software". In this presentation, a collection of various open source software is introduced. The collection of software handles the whole cycle from ingestion of raw data, to data wrangling, modeling, serialization/deserialization, visualization, reference and citation management, reporting, authoring, publishing and versioning. Reproducible research paradigm ensures that the whole cycle can be repeated without manual intervention to yield the same results and create the same output. In this paradigm, literate programming, which combines visual or tabular output of code with the narrative and layout of a document, is also an integral part. Open source software is mostly free of charge, has a fast development cycle and has an extensive community support for an extension ecosystem, detailed documentation and support.

December 12, 2022 - 16:00