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Seminar by Department of Management Graduate Özlem Brooke Erol

Özlem Brooke Erol, 1988 alumni from our department has visited our school for an eye-opening seminar.

She has worked for several companies in sales and marketing; however decided to follow her passion and began her journey on helping companies finding a purpose to their business and achieving their goals from a modern perspective. She encourages other people to find their passion as well.

She talked about the career transition in her own life and how it motivated her to help others to do the same. The topic was the importance of purpose in businesses. According to the data she presented, employee engagement with company increases when there is a certain purpose defined for company conducting business. She also has emphasized the importance of humanitarian approach of employers to employees of the company as she explained that value maximization within a company rises from the motivation of the employers of it.

We appreciate everyone attended this seminar and present special thanks to Mrs. Erol for taking her time and sharing her wisdom with us.