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The Evolution of Entrepreneurial Communication in Opportunity Development

Dimo Dimov

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Dimo Dimov, is a Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation the University of Bath.  Prior to Bath, he was on the faculty at Newcastle University, University of Connecticut (USA), and IE Business School (Spain). Before entering academia, he was finance director with Marriott International, overseeing two hospitality businesses in Budapest, Hungary.

Dimo's research focuses on entrepreneurial thinking, processes, and practice. It examines the journey through which entrepreneurial opportunities unfold from initial ideas into viable ventures in independent, corporate, and social settings. He teaches entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial finance.


Communication is critical in the process of transition from the imaginary to material form of opportunity. However, so far entrepreneurship scholars have explored communication and language mostly in the context of pitching or other situational activities between entrepreneurs and investors, and there is limited investigation of communication as a broader communicative practice. In this study, we use practice theory and a narrative approach to analyse the case of Theranos, a now defunct health technology company which is famous for its radical vision for blood testing. The results of our analysis reveal how entrepreneurial communication evolves through narrated meanings of vision, market opportunity and technology. The paper contributes to the stream that examines entrepreneurship as practice and to the emerging conversation on the role of language in entrepreneurial contexts. It paves the way to further inquiries of language as practice that underpins opportunity development.

June 5, 2020 - 18:00